David Pocock

Account Executive

David Pocock
Account Executive, Williams Lake


David provides insurance to a broad and eclectic range of commercial industries. He takes a huge amount of care to foster long term and trusting relationships with clients. In fact, he believes that trust is the single most important factor for choosing a broker. He has gone to bat on his clients’ behalf on many occasions and, through his firm advocacy, gentle persuasion and delicate diplomacy, has improved claim settlements considerably. Fiercely proud of his work, David has a particular interest in the technical language of general liability policies. We would look at that in greater detail now, but fear you might lose interest. So we won’t. However, David’s entrepreneurial spirit is matched only by his love for music and his precious collection of guitars. And if the chance came along, he would love nothing more than to negotiate an international peace agreement. And you know what? He’d make a pretty awesome job of it too.

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