Leila Ford

Manager, Broking Services

Leila Ford
Manager, Broking Services, Vancouver - Bentall Two


We don’t mess with Leila. In fact, nobody messes with Leila. She’s had long experience at keeping Account Executives in line and that’s no mean achievement. She’s meticulous, organised and just a little bit frightening. But we love her team spirit, zest for life and ability to learn. Before working in her current role – which is all about insurance in forestry – she focused on the contrasting areas of mining and hotels. Like most people at Axis, she believes that insurance shouldn’t just be bought on price – it’s all about value for money and the right coverage. And like many people Leila has hidden talents. In fact, you can only imagine her colleagues surprise when she showed them that she could move each eye independently of one another. Weird. But mesmerizing.

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